Gaming is unLearning – not learning

I am researching web 2.0 learning applications and pondering the difficulties many of us face with our children in gaming.  It amazes me how after an hour of gaming children cannot deal with one another not to mention the dinner table. I ponder the vast dropout rate of our schools. Perhaps it comes down to the little puppet we once learned about. It was enticed to a small island with no rules, magic and consequences. The boys drink freely of a source that turns them into jackasses and off to slave labor.  Hmmmm Are we that far off from our puppet if we allow our children to go gaming that needs to kill, use magic, cheat, break all ethical rules to win? What happens if my child spends five hours a day (learning this) and then has to deal with the real world? Do you know in the official major league baseball game you can smash the first baseman in the face and run? That’s right, no umpire will say anything either. Funny huh!

After gaming I often hear the boys yell that “It’s not fair” even to do a simple task when dealing with the real world. In every game there are simple rules. But the real world is much more complex. To succeed you need grace, honesty, tolerance and talk your way out of trouble. Yet these are not the rules of gaming… are they?

As we get so obsessed about simulation, gaming and eLearning methods, we can, and are currently losing touch with the truly great values that make us human, Love.

This 72 page paper by Henry Jenkins is a brilliant read that anyone in eLearning will gasp at.

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