About a third of what I make goes into work with the poor in Africa and the US. My skills are donated to tell the story of both the poor transforming their lives and the amazing people who help them. We also help Organization tell their story to supporters and the clients of the organization. This is done by educational consulting,developing donation books, photography, writings and speaking. Some of those organizations helped are:

This work is based the concepts of Global service and education outline in book to come out: “The Global Learning Framework” by Richard CloseThree books have been published of photography and writings for these organizations. The is a gallery of photos from Africa and I speak on the topic.

Thunder Farm Livingston, Zambia This is a 10,000 acre farm with seven villages, orphanages, schools and about 40 sub farms. Images from the work on this farm prompted a group SAVE in California to send a 40 foot container of medical equipment into their small clinic that now helps over 1,000 people a month. People need to see that when we help the poor amazing things happen. That beyond the news African people are absolutely wonderful to work with.

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