Consulting Projects of Richard Close    

BASCOM.COM  Strategic development, eLearn Content development, White papers, Webinar development, Guest Speaker, Trade show development.Sample Webinars:

Perimeter eSecurity 

Learning Officer responsibilities of all corporate training and development.  Setup companies training department by developing the  companies product training and sales training programs. This included hands on authoring product courses in PowerPoint, Lectora, Captivate and field Sales Guides. In addition set up inter-departmental process for product marketing content development and deployment.

HCCS HealthCare Compliance Strategies, Inc.

Strategic planning, branding, collateral program product development, events, eLearning consulting, white papers, Methodology Development, sales process development, client LMS and compliance consulting.

Sun Educational Services Sun Microsystems

Close Productions was contacted to develop a new IT vertical market sales program and marketing strategy for the seventh largest domestic training organization. The challenge was to have all of Sun Educational Services’ diverse, non-tangible learning products fall into a series of easy-to-sell set of solutions in one campaign.

Designed and integrated channel, sales, and marketing programs. Recommendation for sales kits, tools, and value propositions. IT Workforce Development Marketing Plan including line item marketing tasks and budget. IT Workforce Development marketing product presentations. Turn non-tangible consulting sales into a suite of tangible fix price solutions.

 ThoughtWare Technologies (Acting VP Business Development and Marketing)

Instrumental in repositioning, packaging, and launching ThoughtWare’s WorkForce LifeCycle Management WLM product line. (WLM is a complex product integrating HR and eLearning functions that address multiple markets.) Within six months the product was launched and had close to 1,000 companies testing the product via the company web site as sales leads. In addition, supply and demand channel programs were established yielding coop funds and sponsorship with such organizations as Arthur Andersen. Extensive pre-sales and presentation development projects

American Management Association

Close Productions was contracted to create an eLearning campaign strategy, branding, concept and develop a brochure ready for print in less than a week. Developed and delivered a successful custom eLearning sales training program for AMA’s international sales force based on Miller Strategic Selling principles.

LeadingWay (Acting VP Business Development)

Close Productions was contracted to develop business, product, sales, and marketing plans. The objective secured additional financial backing and productized the LeadingWay Knowledge System solution into a Knowledge System. Deliverables for this engagement included: Business Planning, Marketing Product Development, Business Development and Industry Relations and a White Paper on Knowledge Management and eLearning. In addition handled sales kits, strategic partners, and industry relations.

IBM Learning Services – Catapult (Acting VP Marketing)

Acting VP Marketing. For the IBM US division of the world’s largest IT training organization, Close Productions was contracted to revise corporate sales marketing strategy and deploy necessary marketing and product programs as acting VP of marketing. These programs were deployed in six months, yielding over 9,000 leads and a revised business strategy. The tasks included:

Competitive analysis and recommendations for new marketing programs.

Handled pre-sales support and tour evangelist for the product line.

New branding and product strategy, which required the creation of the SystemONE family of training and eLearning products. New branding program packaging of all products and services to fit the IBM international branding programs.

Launch new events programs with all new collateral, sales training, programs and booth strategy yielding more leads than in the company’s own history.

Developing a Knowledge Management methodology to promote products.

Launched a twenty-city road show yielding quality leads and contracts that exceeded the program’s forecast. Acted as the sales evangelist for the tour and conference presenter.

Global Knowledge Network (Digital Learning Services)

Acting Vice President Marketing- Developed new sales and marketing strategies, programs and systems to complete the acquisition of Digital Learning System into Global Knowledge Network. Consolidated four lines of business into one coherent branded sales marketing program. Using our Event Based Marketing Model developed a franchised-style marketing program and deployed it across 70 locations in 34 countries.


In order to turn around Sybase’s sales channel conflicts with Powersoft, performed detailed channel behavior and conflict analysis of education channel partners. Utilized advisory counsels to engineer new channel policies and merge the Powersoft and Sybase channels into one program. Empowered channel to sell and market for Sybase on equal ground.


Researched and wrote Oracle’s Word-wide Education Certification Strategic Plan. This detailed document contained budgets, channel structures, curriculum structure, channel partner requirements, and marketing programs.


Designed and wrote Symantec’s Windows 95 Norton Migration Method “seminar-in-a-box’ program, including all sales kits and direct response pieces. Developed a Channel Education Strategic Plan for Symantec Corporation.


Re-branded Microsoft’s Education Professional program into three segmented markets: Desktop, Infrastructure, and Application Development This MSCSE program stills holds true today. Developed the SE Jump-Start program for Microsoft. This first “seminar-in-a-box’ was held in 200 Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers each month. Provided channel market behavior research.

NETLAN Technology Center NETLAN, Inc. – President

As President, wrote business plan to develop NETLAN Technology Center. At Netlan’s request, four years later upgraded that plan and re-branded the company a second time. Strategic partnerships with Lotus Notes and Microsoft were developed.

Developed a seminar program with the following results: Direct mail campaigns for Free Information Seminars yielded up to a 9% direct mail return with sales increasing 34%.


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